Real Estate Flyer Templates on Your Mac! 12 Designs with 7 Layouts Each

I read an interesting statistic that almost 37% of agents use a Mac as their primary computer. That’s a lot of agents! I personally use a Mac. But the one thing that bugs me is that real estate specific software is pretty scarce when it comes to marketing. Frustrated and spotting a growing opportunity, I developed Mac Flyer Templates to works specifically for the Mac user.

These templates are built-on and for the software application called Mac Pages so they open as easy as a double-click. What’s super convenient is I can pack multiple page layouts into one document. Meaning, you can simply open one document and choose from any of the 7 layouts that fits your needs. Choose from:

  • Cover Page
  • Listing Flyer
  • Call-Out Flyer
  • Back Page Layout 1 (this has a 4 photo layout)
  • Back Page Layout 2 (this is a 3 photo layout with room for extra bullet points)
  • Marketing Support Page 1 (great for marketing the neighborhood, schools, and entertainment)
  • Marketing Support Page 2 (Awesome for comps

One document with 7 layouts to choose from, how cool! Check out all the details at the Mac Flyer Templates (for real estate agents)  homepage.