Sneak Peak: Mac Flyer Templates

Introducing Mac Flyer Templates the most powerful real estate specific flyer templates designed for the Mac user.

Mac Flyer Templates are pre-formated property marketing material that work with your Pages application. These templates are built for speed, efficiency, and for maximum appeal.

  • Save time; in less than 10 minutes you can create a professional, attractive, and impressive property flyer.
  • Work less; 90% of all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is drop in photos and add text.
  • Save tons of money; you own these templates. So use them over and over again for your entire career! You’ll never have to hire a designer again.

The Mac Flyer Templates as downloaded and saved directly onto your computer. Here’s how to “store” them onto your Pages application:

Download the templates onto your desktop (download the attachment). And Un-Zip the file. (It’s easiest to save and unzip on your desktop.)

Open the folder and double-click a .pages document. Your Pages Application will launch and open.

Immediately select File > Save as Template. This will make it 100X easier to access your templates. They’ll store on your “My Templates” section.

Now you’re ready to make a flyer! You’ll notice a few things right off the bat:

1. There’s more than one document. Yes! We’ve methodically created the most important documents you’d need when listing a home. This allows you to create all your marketing in one place. You can either print just a flyer, a two page flyer, or even a “listing booklet.”

2. Drag and Drop photos. Simply drag and drop in your photos! How easy can you get

3. Edit EVERYTHING! You can edit, recolor, adjust, shrink, stretch, choose different fonts, move photos, delete sections, etc… Ah, Feels good to be free!

Once you’ve edited and tweeked your marketing, now comes the fun part! You can print, save, email, and even export in PDF.

Mac Flyer Templates are refreshingly simple to use and create professional marketing in minutes. They save you time and money.

Mac Flyer Templates are now available for agents, brokers, and real estate professionals here:



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