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Real Estate Flyer Templates for Mac Users
Finally, a new way to create professional property marketing using your Mac.
These are pre-designed flyer templates specifically made for your Mac Pages Application. No special software
needed, just simply open your template in Pages and start making beautiful property marketing.
  Make Beautiful Real Estate Marketing
Professional ready to use premium flyer templates
for the Mac User.
Specifically made for Mac Pages
These templates are specifically built to work
seamlessly with Pages. Upload them to your “My
Templates” folder for easy access.
Customize it!
You can re-arrange the layout, delete things,
change fonts, colors, and add graphics!
Customize as much or as little as you’d like.
Flyer + Back + Supporting Pages
Each template package comes with a cover page,
flyer, call-out flyer, back pages, and
marketing support pages.

Your brokerage not listed? No problem...these templates work for any company - large, small, or independant.

You can change and customize
Everything is customizable so you can personalize your listing flyer to your exact specifications. Here are a few things you can change:

- Re-arrange photo--text layout
- Choose different text styles
- Change text size
- Pick a different text color
- Add--Delete text or photos
- And much more...

  It’s all about the details
You’ll start to notice all the little details and graphic touches that, put together, make each template stand out. This makes your marketing look and feel rich, vibrant, and alive. The goal is to make each template look like works of art so prospects are compelled to take a look. It’s all about attention to detail.





You can market yourself
Being creative with your marketing is what separates
the good from the great brokers! We’ve added a few creative marketing support pieces to distinguish you from the pack. These extra pages are designed to market you, your property, and the surrounding neighborhood. Each template kit comes with a “City Highlights” and “Comparable” layout.

Beautifully Designed
Approximately 140 man-hours goes into hand crafting and creating each template. We like to use a clean
and versatile design philosophy. This allows you to use these templates on any style home for any type of
  It’s a huge time saver
Since all the template are pre-designed, the layout, text,
and basic formatting are ready for you to simply pop-in
your information. Photos simply drap-and-drop into place
and text is as simple as typing. Graphics, color choice, design, and layout account for approx. 90% of all the hard work. Now that’s done for you, creating awesome
marketing is now a walk-in-the-park.





Export to PDF, Email, or Print
You can do so many thing with your flyers:
- Export to PDF
- Email the PDF to your clients
- Print yourself
- Send your flyer to a professional print shop
- Export to iWeb and post to your website
- Much more...








"I like the flyers..Very easy to use..
I just did 9 [flyers] in about an and information.
Great time saver and the look is still there!!"

-Eddie Bailey
Wilkinson & Associates Real Estate


  "I needed an open house flyer quick and when I saw your site I was VERY impressed! Not only was it easy to use it looks like it was done by a professional! Thank you! I love it!"

-Dottie Davant


"Great Product! Really easy to use. Creates professional flyers. Thanks!!"

-Kim Voss
Real Estate Agent


These will be the only templates you’ll ever need to buy.
Your clients, your broker, and your business will thank you for these. There’s nothing else quite like MacFlyerTemplates. These are the best, most valuable, tool you can have for your business. Reusable on all your listing. Present a clean, fresh, and professional look. Distinguishes you from your competitors.

12 Unique Template Theme Bundle. Download instantly. Ready to use.

Start looking like a real estate champion. This template bundle
includes a collection of 12 template design themes. Each theme
includes 7 corresponding layouts. The bundle downloads instantly
onto your Mac and is ready to use in Pages.
Gain the edge in your business - Take action today.

Incredible Value

A template package this comprehensive would easily
cost $250 through a graphic designer. Take advantage of
this special 12 Template bundle for only $97 ($250 value).
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